Jennifer Lopez Saves Jessica Sanchez From Elimination On ‘American Idol’

After delivering great performances on “American Idol” week after week and receiving high praise from the judges, on last night’s results show Jessica Sanchez received the lowest number of votes.
Upon hearing the results, judge Jennifer Lopez looked completely shocked. Sanchez took the stage to sing for one last time, but just 15 seconds into the performance, Lopez stormed the stage with fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler and yelled, “Give me that mic! This is crazy!” The audience reacted with a loud applause and J.Lo continued, “Yes, we’re using the save! You’re not going home. Go sit down! Go sit down! Go sit down!”
Judge Randy Jackson explained why he and his fellow judges used their one save of the season on Jessica.
“Let me just say this, from myself, Steven and Jennifer,” he said. “This girl is one of the best singers in America. Ever. Are you kidding me? Please, everybody, please vote for the best,” he added. “It’s about finding the best.”
After all the commotion, host Ryan Seacrest asked the half-Mexican, half Filipino contestant if she was surprised she received the lowest number of votes this week.
“Not at all,” Jessica said humbly. “I don’t expect anything. I just want people to know that I’ve been working hard my whole life,” she said.
Were the judges right to use their one save of the season on Jessica? Were you surprised that she got the lowest number of votes? Tell us in the comments!

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