Kareena Kapoor caught smoking and drinking on the sets of ‘Heroine’

But no, the gorgeous leading lady hasn’t picked up the vices for real – it’s just something she does for the reel role she is playing
Bollywood no longer shies away from showing women drinking alcohol and smoking in the movies.
In recent times, Katrina Kaif played a rock chick who was addicted to the bottle (alcohol) and the butt (cigarette) in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Vidya Balan in her bold Silk act – in The Dirty Picture – smoked and drank onscreen without a care. Adding to the growing brigade of leading ladies with a bindaas badass attitude is Kareena Kapoor in her latest movie.
Director Madhur Bhandarkar, going all out to keep his pet project in the limelight, tweeted a picture shot on the sets of Heroine, showing Bebo unabashedly holding a cigarette in her mouth and an alcohol-filled glass in her hand.
And it makes us wonder if the clichéd ‘bold’ act of women indulging in unhealthy habits is the latest trend in B-town.
Meanwhile, we can’t help wondering something else: How are Kareena’s prospective in-laws reacting to the soon-to-be-Nawabi-begum’s bold indulgences? Or did beau Saif Ali Khan’s mother Sharmila Tagore, who dared to do puff a beedi in Mausam after her marriage to cricketer Nawab of Pataudi Mansoor Ali Khan understand the constraints of an actor and endorse Bebo’s act? If it brings in the kudos for the Kapoor gal, so be it.
However, we don’t think there’s anything cool about Kareena’s smoking and drinking, even for a role. What do you think?

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