Kazhugu Movie director cheats a young girl

Kazhugu director Sathyasiva is in the news now for the wrong reasons! Sivaranjani, who worked with the production house that produced Kazhugoo, has now filed a police complaint against him for causing mental stress and agony, and driving her to attempt suicide.
She claims Sathyasiva has been two-timing her as well and has reneged on his promise to marry her.Sivaranjani explains her side of the story saying, “I was handling the admin and marketing work at Pattiyal Shekar sir’s production house, and I met Siva during one of the meetings for his film.
He proposed to me, and threatened me with suicide when I didn’t accept his proposal. But over time, I thought he was sincerely in love with me, and we started going out.”
The young lady claims that she found out he was also pursuing two other girls and she confronted him. Sathyasiva promised to meet her parents on March 18 but didn’t turn up and she ended up attempting suicide by consuming poison.
“I was admitted to the hospital for 18 days in a critical condition and he visited me every day. He promised to get engaged, once he returned from the story discussion for his next film,” she says. Since he failed to turn up, she filed a complaint with the commissioner’s officer on May 9. “Even if he comes back, I don’t want to marry him now!” she signs off angrily.
Despite repeated attempts, Sathyasiva remained unavailable for comment.Pattiyal Shekar alleges fraud Kazhugoo producer has also sent a notice to Sathyasiva as he had allegedly stolen the three-film contract he had signed with the producer.
Sathyasiva used a spare office key to steal the document and tried to narrate his scripts to other producers though he has a deal with me. This is breach of trust,” claims Pattiyal Shekar. “I have sent a notice to the Nadigar Sangam, Producers’ Council and the Directors’
Union along with a copy of the contract.

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