Mallika Sherawat’s racy attire distracts auto driver

Every woman desire an hour glass hot bod like that of actress Mallika Sherawat. In a recent incident, while Mallika had to shoot with Vivek Oberoi in an auto rickshaw, something went wrong.
Mallika’s sexy and revealing attire during the shoot led to an unpleasant situation. Reportedly, the auto rickshaw driver was a huge fanatic of Mallika and was on the seventh heaven as Vivek and Mallika had to shoot a song in his auto. But, unfortunately Mallika’s revealing clothes and svelte figure put him in an uncomfortable situation.
The situation led to the driver’s distraction from the shooting. Even after several shots, the auto driver couldn’t get the scene right. Hence, finally the sequence was altered and Vivek had to take the driver’s place and ride the auto by himself.

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