New Dark Knight Rises Poster Revealed

Batman looks like he’s been dropped into hell in the new poster for The Dark Knight Rises.
With his head bowed and the whole of Gotham falling into a fiery abyss, the dark knight looks as if he’s facing certain doom.
It’s a nice twist on the first teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises, which had Gotham’s suffocating towers crumbling towards the viewer with the skyline revealed to be the shape of a bat, and builds on the “Legend ends” poster released last December.
It also cleverly echoes the main poster for The Dark Knight, which saw Batman standing in front of torched building.What lets the poster down is the disappointing tagline, “A Fire Will Rise”.
You’d think that the marketing geniuses behind the “Where is the Batman?” viral campaign, which had bat fans working like crazy to assemble the new trailer, could think up something more imaginative.
For pure awfulness, it’s up there with Clash of the Titans’ “Titans will clash”. Let’s hope the film doesn’t stumble. That fiery end could be replicated in cinemas across the world if it does.
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