Sruthi Hassan Confirmed in Nithin’s New Movie

Every one has a turning point in their life, recently Nithin got a tremendious twist in his career with the hit of Ishq after a large number of flops, even Nithin is a talented actor and dancer due to some story issue he merged in a flop heros list.
Now another twist is going to be take place in nithin life that is a Big project with Bellam konda suresh.
Recently we got a rumors that nithin is going to act in the direction of Ee Rojullo movie director Maruthi, but the movie turned up with the tamil director Vijay, coming to movie details, Nithin and Sruthi hassan are going to pair up under Vijays direction and Bellam konda suresh production, Kolaveri Music director Anirudh is going to compose tunes for this film.
This movie would be a great turning point to Nithin,apart from some Nithin also signed for some big projects in South, wait and see how Nithin is again going to grew up again.

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