When Ananya scared Sunny Wayne

Actress Ananya can barely conceal the grins and peals of laughter that she battle with as she shares with us the experience of being part of a 3D horror flick, a first in her career.

Before you start wondering what’s so funny in a horror thriller, Ananya would tell you, “All the exertion of working on a double role, putting on make-up for two characters entirely different from one another and eight days of continuous night shoot fizzled away when I scared the wits out of my co-star, Sunny Wayne, in my ghost avatar.”

The Engaeyum Eppothum actress continues, “I play a fashion designer, who is out on a holiday with her family on an island, from where the film takes off. It was day one of Sunny’s schedule and he hadn’t seen me in my ghost avatar. So his friend, who accompanied him, and I, decided to give him a shocking surprise.”

The duo made plans for the night and when Sunny was sound asleep, she went to his room in the scary avatar. “The room was pitch dark and in the light of my mobile, my green eyes glowed. That was when I woke up Sunny, calling out his name like we’ve heard in ghost flicks,” she laughs, adding, “The poor chap sprang up, yelling, and fell with a thud on the floor. I ran away and his friend, who was also in the room, switched on the light as if he knew nothing. Sunny was like, ‘Dude! Was that you?’ before he understood what had happened.”

The actress informs us that the film has three different climaxes. “The film is in no way similar to the hit drama of yesteryear by the same name,” Ananya clarifies, adding, “except that the film too has a story set against the backdrop of horror.”
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