Suriya angry over ‘Saravanan Engira Surya’

Actor Suriya is very angry that a movie with his name as title is being made. Suriya is an actor who has gained a place for himself in hearts of Tamil masses. Same way, women are attracted to the name Suriya.

A new movie titled ‘Saravanan Engira Surya’ is being made in Tamil. Raja Subbaiah is directing, producing, and doing role in the movie.

The story is about a youth who desires to maintain an attractive appearance like Suriya. Suriya’s real name is Saravanan. Suriya is taken aback that his name has been given as title for movie.

It seems that Suriya does not like the development. So, he approached the producer and asked him to change the title.

But producer Raja said that changing the title amounts to abandoning the venture, and so it is not possible. ‘The current title is suitable. So, it cannot be changed.’ Suriya seems to be angry at the reply by the director.

Suriya has said that he would complain against the producer if he does not change the title.

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