Ajith's Veeram Box office success secret!

There are more than a couple of factors for ‘Thala’ Ajith’s Pongal release Veeram to be doing exceedingly well at the box-office not only in Tamil Nadu but elsewhere too. Reports emanating from countries such as U.S.A., U.K. and Australia besides Malaysia and Singapore say that Veeram has been going great guns at all the centres. The main ‘secret’ behind the success of Veeram is none other than ‘Thala’ as the fans and audiences simply love his screen presence. The moment Ajith appears on screen, the whistle and the clapping from the audiences is deafening.

Veeram is one of those films which are family-oriented ‘mass’ hits. The fact that more number of children has taken a liking to watch the film has added to its great show at the box-office so far. Moreover, the film has also a good dose of comedy which is provided by Santhanam. Comeback girl Tamanna’s sparkling presence is also cited as a major factor for the film’s success.

All in all, the film has sentiment, romance, action and all the necessary ingredients which to into making a successful film. With everything is in place in the requisite measure and with audiences drooling over Ajith’s George Clooney-like ‘salt-and-pepper look’, there’s no stopping Veeram from breaking many a record at the box-office in the days to come!
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