Meagamann Movie Review

Film: Meagamann
Starring: Arya, Hansika
Director: Magizh Thirumeni
Producer: Hitesh Jhabak
Banner: Nemichand Jhabak Company
Music: SS Thaman

Meagamann Movie Review exclusively at . Settai stars Arya and Hansika have teamed up for the second time in action drama, Meaghamann. Lets see if the duo achieves commercial success this time in Meghamann Review.


Meghamann [Captain of the Ship]. Shiva [Arya] and Chandra [Ramana] are the two undercops who join two different drug mafia groups for an undercover operation to bring down the drug mafia. They earn the trust of their respective groups, but their misfortune reveals their true colours within no time. Will they succeed in nabbing drug mafia troupe is all about Meaghamann movie.


Arya has got the chance to play single hero after years and has good scope for performance. Yet, he appears with the same expression and body language throughout the movie, could have done it better.

Hansika is more a cameo in Meaghamann. She is limited to five to six scenes and had very less screen presence.

Ramana has lived his role. Main villians, Sudhanshu Pandey and Ashutosh Rana are menacing enough for the powerful roles.

Technical Analysis:

Magizh Thirumeni has presented one more under-cop film to the Tamil audiences in his style with director's liberty. Neither the script, nor performances are messy, but director has no surprises or necessary twists to make it an interesting watch. Screenplay could be better, at the same time he has to be appreciated for not including unnecessary punch dialogues and going according to the story.

Thaman's songs doesn't have much importance in the movie and montage song acts like a speed breaker. Meaghamann theme is prettily placed, infact this has elevated particular scenes.

Satish Kumar's cinematography is an asset to the film. His camera work is handy during action sequences. He has to be appreciated for the stylish appeal of the scenes. Stunt choreography needs a special mention.

On top of it, Meaghamann has a crisp editing with just 140 mins running time. Lavish presentation by Nemichand Jhabak company.


Meaghamann by Magizh Thirumeni is an out and out action entertainer with few logical loopholes.

Movie begins on a regular note with introduction of characters. Arya, Ramana on mission. Interval bang after a nail biting gun fight, one of its kind and movie ends with a predictable climax.

Everything is said, Watch Meaghamann if you love to see Arya in a complete action role.

Final Verdict: Arya-Stylish undercop...

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