Comedian Santhanam’s Big Salary!

Tamil cinema can boast itself with the pride of having the highest number of comedy actors in the film history of the world. And, the roles of these comedians are being given equal importance at par with the main heroes in our films. So, it is always that someone or other comedy actor or actors at some point of time rule the roost at the tinsel town.
They not only dominate the screen they also command big salaries and earn as high as that of heroes during their peak period. 
It was N S Krishnan during the early days, then came, Chandrababu and Nagesh. Goundamani and Senthil dominated for two decades, and the former was once paid more than the hero in some films. Vivek came into picture with his unique style of ‘comedy-with-messages’ like what Kalaivanar did in those days. And, till recently Vadivelu was at his helm with big heroes waiting for his call sheets. His time is over now and another comedian emerged and he is the young and handsome Santhanam! He is now one of the high earning actors of Tamil cinema if we calculate the income he earns per day! 
Do you know how much he earns per day? It is 7 Lakhs per day! And, this actor is likely to increase his demand very soon and it is said he may charge over Rs. 10 Lakh per day that is what Vadivelu was once commanding! Yes, Santhanam makes hay while the Sun is shining!

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