Aamir Khan's incredible journey - The book by Christina Daniels

Aamir Khan has always taken the lesstrodden path, and also delivered box-office hits. Known for his selection of films, he has constantly re-invented himself, and re-defined the approach to filmmaking within the Hindi film industry over the last two decades.

'I’ll Do It My Way: The Incredible Journey of Aamir Khan' is a filmography that presents Aamir’s evolution as an actor, focusing on 21 landmark films. It retraces Aamir’s rise to stardom as an actor with a difference, who broke new ground as a director and a producer. 

A review by a reader goes like 
The book gives us an insight into the working style and thought process of Aamir Khan.Its help that the author has no filmi background and has taken the view point of people associated with Aamir to unravell the actor.The book helps in dispelling myth's about Aamir Khan -the person,the actor,and filmmaker.

A must read for Aamir Khan fan's(i am) and for everybody who loves Indian cinema

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