Dammu Movie Review, Mass Action Entertainer

Movie: Dammu
Genre of Film:  Action Entertainer
Lead Actors: Jr. NTR,Trisha Krishnan,Karthika Nair
Cast :-   Abhinaya,Venu Thottempudi,Bhanupriya,Nassar,Kota Srinivasa Rao,Subhalekha Sudhakar,
Banner :- Creative Commercial’s
Music :- Keeravani
Direction :- Boyapati Srinu
Producer :- Alexander Vallabha
Fights :- Ram,Lakshman
Release Date:27-Apr-2012

After critically acclaimed ‘Oosaravelli’, Young Tiger NTR has teamed up with director Boyapati Sreenu for a new movie titled ‘Dammu’. Produced by Alexander Vallabha, the movie is touted to be an action entertainer. Check out Dammu movie review to know whether NTR has lived up to the expectations this time or not.
Vijaya Simha of Vasi Reddy clan who believes that a man’s life is a superior gift of life but he is born in a family and region where Sword is necessary to do justice to his people. How hard he tries to solve the problem with non-violence, he always gets through a road block. Finally, he resorts to the path of ‘eye for an eye’ to eliminate evil and restore peace and prosperity in the land.
The movie starts off well with stunning entry of NTR. The first hour of the film is well made with good amount of entertainment, little sentiment and powerful action episodes. Boyapati Sreenu tried to establish the character of NTR in this hour slowly and we can say he has succeed in doing it so.
The love episodes and chemistry between Trisha and NTR looks good and both the stars have acted with ease. The interval bang, though predictable, has been etched well by Boyapati with some power packed action episode in a convincing way.Post interval, the movie loses its tempo, falls out of pace and goes flat.
Director Boyapati Sreenu is clueless on how to carry the movie till the climax episode and the movie is dragged with songs that are totally mistimed. However, the film suddenly gets back to the storyline followed by heavy dosage of action scenes laced with some family sentiment. The climax episode of the film is not at all exciting as it lacks the much needed ‘Dammu’ factor. One doesn’t expect this kind of climax for an high voltage action entertainer staring NTR.
NTR once again proved that why he is deemed as one of the most versatile actors in current generation actors. He proved his acting prowess in action scenes as well as emotional scenes. His expressions during the conflict within himself are awesome. His dances in ‘Oo Lily’ and ‘Vastu Bagunde’ are top notch.
One can expect the dialogues in a Boyapati movie, and that too when they are uttered by a hero like NTR.. Come on.. I am running out of superlatives.
Trisha and Karthika had very less  scope for action and they are adequate. However, both of them did not have in them to attract masses. Karthika’s over height and Trisha’s lack of fresh look is the main problem. They simply did not go well with NTR.
Kota Srinivas Rao as NTR’s Grand father, Suman as father, Bhanu Priya as mother, Nasser as antagonist are top class as usual.
Dammu has good technical values. Cinematography was top notch and so was the music. Keeravani’s background score stands out. Editing could have been better and Dialogues add repeat value for the target audience. Producers spent a fortune on the film. It is very rich in every frame.
Director Boyapati Srinu made sure that there are good number of powerful scenes. His trademark scenes were shot well and the rest of the scenes are just okay. Had he concentrated more on the screenplay, Dammu might have hit the right chords with the audience.
1. NTR’s Performances(If you did not compare with Balakrishna)
2. Numerous Dialogues penned by Boyapati and Ratnam drew huge response.
3. Dances in O Lilly and Vastu Bagunde songs
4. Keeravani’s BGM
5. Interval bang is one of the major highlights of the movie.
6. Emotional scenes between Bhanu Priya and NTR
7. Director Boyapati Seenu just rocked away all the aspects in this movie. There is a great improvement of comedy in this movie compared to his previous movies.
8. Ruler’ song is the back bone of this movie. The visuals of the song are going to be anther creative wonder in the tollywood.
1. Slow second half
2. Badly placed Songs (especially ‘Ruler’)
3. Both the heroines do not have it in them to attract the masses
Dammu is for fans. NTR fans will be pleased with this powerful mass film as they didn’t get to see in such a powerful role in the recent times. Others may like it or may not like.Boyapati tried to give a message about value of the life in the climax made it weak.
The movie has got tremendous positive reports before the release. All the hype of ‘another Simha’ might do damage to the movie. However, audience who watch it with fewer expectations can enjoy the movie.
The movie is expected to do well in terms of openings. The long run will depend on the family audience who have ample dose of sentiment.

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