Kajol and Sushmitha come together for a Noble cause

Sushmita has always championed the cause of the girl child and it was not surprising to see her walk the ramp for this cause. Sushmita who was appalled by the death of baby Afreen in a Bangalore hospital said “Any person who can do such a hideous thing should be punished”.”We all were talking about the little girls, so many get killed before their neighbours even get to
know that they even existed…No matter how much we thank god, but when you take action it matters a lot.
So whenever I get an opportunity, I jump in because I want everyone to have a life, says Sushmita who walked the ramp with her daughter Alishah. “No matter how many rulings and laws the government makes, we should change. Unless and until we understand, by the time government officials reach us, the child gets killed. There are very strong laws in our country but they have not been implemented. Either the case doesn’t start early or if its starts, it gets delayed. Understand what is right and wrong. Many people who are not educated enough want to dispose of their daughters at the …
Kajol did not walk the ramp, but turned up to support the cause of the girl child. Talking to the media during the event she said “It’s a wonderful cause and I am very happy to be here. The country needs to sit and take notice of this. In today’s date, if anybody feels that man is superior to women then I don’t think so. It’s a wrong, illiterate attitude.”Talking about baby Afreen, Kajol said, “people, who do things like that, are sick in their head. I think children are sacred, they are god’s gift and I don’t think anybody has the right to take anybody’s life or to do anything with any baby,” said Kajol, who is a mother of two – daughter Nysa and son Yug. The two stars were found chatting up with each other during the event.

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