Neeku Naaku Dash Dash Movie Review, Masala Youthful Entertainer

Film: Neku Naku Dash Dash
Starring: Prince,Nandhita
Director: Teja
Producer: V Anand Prasad
Banner: Bhavya Creations
Music: Yashwanth Nag
Coming freshly taking a break of nearly four years, audience awaited for something new from director Teja. As usual following his natural trend of introducing new artists Prince and Nandita in leads, let us see how correctly Teja filled the empty ‘Dashes’ in this film?
Due to financial problems in their respective houses, Shiva (Prince) and his friend Toofan Babu (Suman Shetty) are employed in Illegal Liquor Syndicate’s manufacturing and bottling plant. In the same factory works Gayatri (Nandita). The entire syndicate is owned by top politicians in State while it is guarded by local goon Bapineedu, his personal set up Chitti Talli (Teertha) and senior accountant cum treasurer Asthama Rama Swamy (Paruchuri Venkateshwar Rao). Police Inspector (Benerjee) tries hard to bust the syndicate but fails to find any proofs. In a moment of rage, Gayatri falls in love with Shiva and they both get intimate. Meanwhile, some unexpected incidents in Syndicate make them to run away with huge cash stolen. Now, on one side entire Liquor Mafia runs behind these two and on other side they are also chased by Police. Why did Shiva run away with this money? How did story take twists and turns to end up on a happy note for these love birds form the rest of climax

Neku Naku introduces 42 debutants to Tollywood. The lead actor Prince is tall and handsome and has delivered a good performance as a debutant. But his acting reminds us of Mahesh Babu in certain scenes. His dances are good.
Lead lady Nanditha is convincing and she looked glamorous all the film. She pulled off her role with ease and style. Nanditha is talented and impressive.
Jai, Venu are decent and the person who has done Bapineedu role is justifying. Paruchuri Venkateswara is good. Suman Shetty needs a special mention among the cast who provided a good comic relief. Others were adequate.
The basic story line is interesting and the first half is actually not too bad

The director has come up with a routine storyline and while the presentation was tight, the narrative was good in parts. The dialogues were written with some intensity. The script was average but the screenplay was engaging. Background score was excellent and two songs are worth humming. Cinematography was top notch. Editing was required during the second half. Costumes were regular while the art department was relevant to the scenes. Prince has come up with the right kind of performance given his character. Nanditha looks naturally sensuous and she scores good. Chowdary gave a committed performance. Theertha looks sexy and raw. Banerjee was brilliant. Suman Shetty was upto the mark. Surendra Pal came and went. Venu was good.
Technical Departments
For the first time, a film has been shot with red epic camera but the cinematography is pretty average. Cinematography is good in places. Yashwanth’s music is good but the background score by Anoop Rubens is below average. Dialogues are rustic and good in places. Editing could have been much better. Teja’s direction is comparatively better than his last releases but the screenplay is highly predictable in the second half. Production Values were okay.
The film marks the comeback of director Teja into the cine circuit and this is more of a love entertainer mixed with thriller elements. While the first half takes off with less tempo, it builds up as it reaches the interval. The second half has enough speed but few irrelevant sequences spoil the momentum. But still, the film had enough elements to keep the audience busy as long as it is on. At the box office, the film will easily get through the profit zone as it will appeal to the masses and youth audience.
Final Word:Masala youthful entertainer, one time watch

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