Sexy Actress Trisha Reveals Secrets of Jr Ntr

It is a normal tradition to see the hero of any film getting praises from each and every member of the unit.
But all of them know that all those praises are not really genuine. And usually if it is the film of a big hero then the praises become double and superficial. But recently, someone spoke frankly about a big hero.
She is the petite beauty Trisha and the person she was referring about was young tiger Jr NTR.
Apparently, Trisha paired up with NTR for the film ‘Dammu’ and she revealed few interesting things. The pretty starlet mentioned that NTR has got an amazing fire inside him to do things differently.
She added that NTR is always keen to do something more and the best part in him is his memory. Of course, she admitted that there is no match for him when it comes to dance and dialogue delivery. All in all, NTR is a master actor is the conclusion. Wonder what NTR has to say about Trisha.

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