Auto driver hits electric pole after seeing Mallika in rear view mirror

Mumbai: An auto driver was to take both Mallika Sherawatand co-star Vivek Oberoi for a song shoot, but he had to be replaced as he continued to leer at the lady and lost control over his vehicle, says a media report.
The driver was clearly distracted by Mallika Sherawat wearing racy clothes partially revealing her booty, and Vivek Oberoi had to take his place behind the wheels at the shoot.
Mallika’s hourglass figure was a little too much for the auto driver to handle, says the report.
The poor chap was a huge fan of hers and seemed totally overwhelmed by her presence in the back seat, says the report.
And this resulted in him hardly being able to steer the three-wheeler as per the need of the scene.
The report said, the driver just couldn’t resist taking a peek into the rear view mirror to have a good look at Mallika and that proved to be quite risky.
The report quotes an insider from the set: “Vivek and Mallika were shooting for a song sequence and we had arranged for an auto driver as well.
“For this particular shot, Mallika had worn some really racy clothes and that appeared to be the root cause of distraction. The driver just could not get the shot right.
“We had about 15 takes and at one point, he even almost bumped the vehicle into a nearby pole!”
In the end, the crew had no option but to improvise.
They altered the sequence a bit and got Vivek Oberoi to drive the rickshaw himself.
The driver even confessed to Vivek that he’d find it hard to sleep at night at least for a couple of days.

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