I am not playing a prostitute

When controversial Pakistan actor Veena Malik signed up for a project that Nikitha Thukral had apparently rejected, it raised a lot of curious eyebrows. Nikitha had, after all, claimed that she declined the film as the story revolved around a commercial sex worker. But when Veena finally made her appearance in Bangalore, after getting all the requisite permissions that she needed to be in the city, she categorically stated that that was not the case.
“I am not playing a prostitute in Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga. When director Trishul first approached me, he said that his film would be based on the life of the late actor Silk Smitha. He even gave me a copy of the entire script in English. I read it and gave her nod to the project only when I was completely convinced about the film,” asserts Veena, adding that her belief was strengthened after she researched the late actor.
So, has she seen any movies that featured Silk? “I haven’t seen any of her films and don’t intend to either. If I do watch her films, chances are that it will influence or inspire my performance. I don’t want that. I want to have Veena Malik stamped all over the character,” she says.
But apart from getting her Silk act right, Veena has also been asked to gain weight for the role. “I have been asked to gain at least 5kg for the role. The problem is that for my Bollywood projects, I am required to remain thin and waif-like. After the photo shoot I will get back to Mumbai and return a couple of weeks later to start work on the film. Hopefully, by then I will be in the shape the filmmakers want me to be,” she signs off.
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