Love Language team aiming to beat Kolaveri Di

R R Movie Makers latest prestigious movie ‘Love language’ is currently under pre – production stage. Recently the movie unit has recorded the title song with Baba Sehagal and unit members are confident that this song will beat the recent sensation ‘ Kolaveri Di ‘ song.
Baba Sehagal  assured that this song should became a No 1 Chart buster of this year and he is interested to do dance for this song at the audio release function. The movie album has 5 songs and makers are in a way to engage top singers to sing remaining songs. It is known that all the songs in the movie are situational and part of the story.
Keeping all these things in mind Producer Dr Venkat spending money hugely for the better out put of Audio. And Director Vasu Devah shared his happy and thanked for the support and freedom he is getting from the production house.
Love Language unit is planning to play this song while the opening day of the movie and also promote this song in Youtube vastly. Love Language is being made with young new talent . Dr venkat producing this movie on R R movie makers. Vasu devah debuting with this movie as director. The movie is expected to launch soon.
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