Malaika Arora was not paid Rs.1cr: Bandla Ganesh

Producer Bandla Ganesh has rebuffed the rumour doing the rounds that Malaika Arora Khan was paid Rs. 1 crore for Kevvu Keka song in ‘Gabbar Singh’. “There is no truth in this,” he categorically stated yesterday, without revealing the remuneration paid to the Munni sensation.
He also revealed that many sizzlers were approached for the song. “But we finally zeroed in on Malaika,” he said. Natalia Kaur was one among the item girls who was offered the song.
Speaking to some scribes, Ganesh also took exception to the proposition that music directors and lyricists should be given a share in the profits earned on music albums. “It is a good idea. But if we incur loss on the songs, will they be ready to share in the loss amount as well?” he argued.
Ganesh also drove home the point that fighting the scourge of piracy has become very difficult. “If it should be stopped, the fans have to contribute a lot,” he quipped
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