Men in Black 3 Releasing on May 25

The coming weeks are a season to be celebrated by lovers of Hollywood entertainers.  Before Prapancha Anveshana, get ready to watch Men In Black-3, starring Will Smith and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.
The story revolves around Smith’s character K, or J, or L, or M, or some other letter going back in time to the reign of JFK to talk to Jones’ past self. Thompson will probably pay Jones’ past self. Nope, wait.
I kept reading the article and it looks like she’ll play the head of MIB, a position twice drunkenly played by Rip Torn, and Brolin is the past self.The film has music by Danny Elfman and cinematography by Bill Pope.  This 105-minutes long film has been made on a budget of USD 375 million.
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