Priyanka Chopra still lives on pocket money

Priyanka Chopra is one smart babe in Mumbai’s tinseltown. In a land where bankruptcy stories are more common than rags to riches tales, at least among veterans, Priyanka is one girl who is saving her earnings for the time when she won’t be as popular as she is now. The actor has revealed to a magazine that she is “a miser”.
Apart from investing in new homes, she only spends her hard-earned money on her special passions. “I’m not a big spender; I only spend on gadgets and shoes. Shoes are the only girly things I indulge in,” she says.
Even when she is travelling, the actor diligently jots down all her shopping spends so she doesn’t go overboard. Moreover, she sticks to a budget, as she simply has to survive on the ‘pocket money’ given to her by her mother. It’s Dr Madhu Chopra who holds the purse strings of the household. But PC also mentions that her parents, both doctors by profession, do not take any money from her.
Yes, we do know you are a gizmo freak, PC. And shoes might be your other fetish to spend your pocket money on. Clothes, maybe not. But we’ve begun to wonder who paid for your cosmetic work. Surely that didn’t come for free…. Or did it, thanks to the doctors at home?
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