Rajamouli wants to learn from Ram Gopal Varma

A truly creative person likes to learn something or the other from every source.  Department may have been rubbished by the entire country, but Rajamouli is dying to watch the film and learn lessons about the much-touted “rogue methodology” employed by Ram Gopal Varma.
He tweeted saying that, despite the bad reviews, “I am dying to watch the film.
It may be noted that the so-called rogue methodology has not been appreciated by anyone.  The film’s producers and actor Sanjay Dutt have been quite open in their castigation of Varma’s inappropriate usage and ill-thought-out deployment of the technique.
Whatever, Rajamouli is justified in hoping to learn from a master technician like RGV.  Of course, just because a maker par excellence is wishing to watch Department, it doesn’t wash away the film’s ridiculous errors.
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