STR crooned for Ahinaya’s Mela Thaalam

STR, the multi-faceted actor has given vocals for one of the songs in the forthcoming movie Mela Thaalam in the composition of Abhishek Lawrence.

Abhinaya, the good looking actress, who is managing to compete with the actresses in South India keeping aside her disorders, is playing the female lead in this film titled Mela Thaalam pairing opposite Nischala Krishnan. Andu Stalin is helming this romantic comedy venture Mela Thaalam.

Mela Thaalam unit is confident about Abhinaya and they even expecting the movie could turn into a highly entertaining genre. It is also being reported that after almost 20 years later, Abhinaya has attempted something similar to that of Superstar Rajinikanth’s scene from Uzhaipaali and had entire unit in splits.
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