Vijay’s wife & Shalini are close friends - Ajith speaks on his B'day

Actor Ajith celebrated his 41st birthday. While speaking to the media on the occasion of his birthday, he said, "In my 20 years of cinema career, I have acted in many good films. I have also acted in worst films as well.

Sometimes I have made the right decisions and sometimes I have made wrong decisions. I have met wonderful people and because of this I have gained lots of experiences. These have sculpted me.
I am never worried about the incidents that have happened in the past. I believe that everything happens according to my fate. I have no high ambitions. My life is a great a gift to me. I want to live in a constructive way. I believe that my name is written in every rice I eat. Hence I will get what I deserve.

Then why should I worry? If everybody knows the success formula in cinema, everyone can give a 100% hit. There are various factors to make a film succeed. This is a joint effort. There should be a good understanding between the director and producer while selecting a film. The story is also important. I will not interfere in anything once I am signed for the film. I am emotionally speaking.

I will not keep in mind something and speak something else. Maybe it could be wrong politically. That is not my fault. Vijay use to say, "There is a stiff competition between me and Ajith professionally but out of cinema, we both are close friends." What Vijay has said is true. Vijay’s wife Sangeetha and my wife Shalini are very close friends.

Both of our children are also very close friends. There is no problem between us. It hurts me when the fans of us clash with each other with wrong notions. Seeing this, lay people twitch their faces. Hence they should stop this. My wife Shalini is helpful to me in all matters. She does not interfere in my cinema matters. I will cook well. My mother has taught me to cook in my young age."

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