Andala Rakshasi’s music album

Not many know that the album of ‘Andala Rakshasi’ has a surprise in store. The album features lyrics by Rakesh Mouli, Vennelakanti’s son and singing talent of Ghantasala’s grand daughter.
The two fresh talent made their appearance on the dais the other day at the audio release function of the film. They were introduced by MM Keeravani to the audience. Keeravani appreciated a line from a song written by Vennelakanti’s son. “That is a great line. Whenever the protege of a writer or a musician comes up with good work, doubts are raised by some.
I would like to give you a tune for which you should write lyrics on the spot,” the musician said.Rakesh said that his father was many a times challenged by Keeravani’s tunes. “For my father, writing Chali Champutunna from Kshana Kshanam was quite challenging.
Definitely I can’t stand a challenge of that kind,” Rakesh said in a lighter vein. The granddaughter of Ghantasala was wished all the best by Keeravani, who said he liked her songs in the album.
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