Robert Pattinson doesn’t mind sex scenes

Robert Pattinson, who shares sex scenes with co-star Patricia McKenzie in new film ‘Cosmopolis’, has revealed that he is just as happy to bare his body as his fangs.
The ‘Twilight’ hunk thinks it’s more difficult for actresses as they are worried about how those scenes can be exploited by the media.
“I don’t really have a problem with those scenes or nudity in general,” the Sun quoted the 26-year-old British actor as saying.
“I think it’s more complicated for actresses who are worried about how those scenes can be exploited by the media and how naked photos are constantly getting posted on the internet,” he added.
But even confident R-Patz had problems at one stage while making the film, directed by horror maestro David Cronenberg.
“The sex scenes with Patricia were more difficult. It was kind of strange but in the script we were supposed to climax at the beginning of the scene then have this discussion afterwards. But David had the brilliant and inspired idea to have us talk while we were having sex,” he revealed.
In the film he plays Eric Packer, a Wall Street billionaire whose world is plunged into turmoil as the age of capitalism comes to an end, and he hopes the movie will go some way to breaking his Twilight image

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