Tollywood @ First Half of 2012

Tollywood  @First Half of 2012:
2012 is the successful year to the Tollywood, almost all major big releases got successful collections at box-office. Looking back of the first half of the year, as compared to the all movies Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh, Mahesh Babu’s Businessman and Ram Charan Teja’s Rachcha Movies are in row highest collections at tollywood box office. Remaining Jr Ntr’s Dammu, Venkatesh Bodygaurd also got good business at box office. Other than biggest releases some of small movies like Ishq, Love Failure, Pula Rangadu and EE Rojullo also got good collections at box – office. Now recently released Adhinayakudu Movie is attracting the Audience with Powerful Political Dialogues.
Tollywood Films with Criticizing Dialogues
The recently-released “Adhinayakudu”, “Gabbar Singh”, “Dammu” and “Rachcha” are being talked about for their dialogues loaded with political innuendo.
Tollywood Films are full of criticizing dialogues these days. Either the Co-Stars or their families, or political leaders are criticized in the films now-a- days to attract the audience to their movies. Movies like Adhinayakudu, Gabbar Singh, Dammu and Rachcha all fall to this category.
Hero’s, Producers and directors are concentrating on only commercial success of their films. Their strategy is by using powerful dialogues (un-necessary) in their films to grab people to theaters. So, the Hero’s, Producers and directors of Tollywood are more interested on only commercial success of their films with collections and records  rather than entertainment  and giving a message to the audience.
Dialogues in Recent Films
“Manchi naayakudu prajala gundello vundaale gaanee, roddu meeda bommaallo kaadu. Vunnattundi ee vigrahaala raajakeeyam enduku modalu pettaavo chebuthaavaa? Cheppinchamantaavaa?”—Balakrishna in Adhinayakudu
Naadi kaadanukoni koditheney ila vuntey… okkasari vooru naadi, janam naa vaallu, vaalla samasya naadi, vamsam naadani kottanantey… Nee yabba padi taraalu ne vamsam lo maga pilladu puttalanteney bayapadatharu- NTR Jr in ‘Dammu’
Charitralu chetta buttala gurinchi nenu pattinchukonu – Pawan Kalyan in ‘Gabbar Singh’
Charitra rayadaniki vayasutho pani ledu… prajala anda vunte chaalu Naa abba jolikosthe evadi abba thala ayina narukutha Edo choosukoni Thodalu kotte type kadura nenu – Ram Charan in ‘Racha’
Dialogues in the Films should entertain the audience but not provoke rivalry
Politics vs Tollywood Films
“Most of the stars have an affinity to some political party and the audience knows it. They can read between the ‘dialogue’ lines. Also, the fan following for these stars is very huge and is similar to a political cadre. So, it’s much easier for the star to campaign for a party through his film. Dialogues apart, actors who have a political connection, are choosing subjects like the hero fighting for a cause, for a village, people or for the country, to enhance their political image.”
Why Telugu films do not make a mark?
It can’t get worse than this for Telugu cinema. When regional films walked away with several honors at the 59th National films awards for the year 2011, not a single Telugu film got an award. To add insult to injury, all the south Indian language films were considered good enough to get a best film award in each language. As for Telugu films, it has never been as pathetic as this. At least earlier, there were some stray awards, even if not so important. This time, it is a clear reflection on where Telugu cinema stands.
We hope Hero’s, Producers and Directors of Telugu Film Industry will make Movies with National and International standard such that the Films will at least grab a National Award in the upcoming year.
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