Winner Movie Creations "Reformer"

8 Year Old Akash born and brought up in USA Comes to India to settle here. His Father Pradeep appoints a Retired Principal of a school Mr. Prakash Mehtha as a Teacher for Akash at home before he joins school.

Akash seeing the poor Children’s miserable life here takes pity on them and shows his concern and tries to help the poor and needy Children through Conducting Music Shows for their benefit. Seeing his sincere efforts his father organizes a foundation by his name making his teacher its caretaker.

If every poor child his given proper care in proper time it may help to eradicate crime from the society in future.

Lead Role is done by PULKIT REDH

Story, Screenplay, Music, Lyrics, Produced and Directed by:RAJA SINGH
Co- Producer: Suresh Athreya.
Executive Producer: Nisar Ali Khan.
With the assistance of Dasari Sunder, M.Sudheer,
Camera: Gopinath.
Editing: Sandhyaram
Publicity Designer: Kanthoos 

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