Pandiya Nadu Movie Review

Film: Pandiya Nadu Starring: Vishal,Lakshmi Menon 
Director: Suseenthiran 
Producer: Vishal 
Banner: Vishal Film Factory 
Music: D.Imman

Cinediary exclusively presents, Vishal’s Pandiya Nadu Movie Review, releasing this Diwali on November 2nd. 
Story: Pandiyanadu, as the title suggests is a revenge drama set in Madurai backdrop. Story stars with the death of Sivakumar’s [Vishal] brother, who is murdered by Sharath Lohitashwa and former’s father played by Bharathiraja put on repeated efforts to take revenge on the killer. 

On the other side Sivakumar, a stammer who fears violence falls for his neighbor Malar [Lakshmi Menon], a school teacher. After a lighthearted love story and few comic scenes, story takes a huge turn as Vishal transforms to take revenge on his brother’s death. How will Vishal take revenge? Is all about Pandianadu…

Performances: Vishal is back all the way and the star has lent an impressive act as a cool and calm middle class guy transforming into angry young man to take revenge on brother’s death. Vishal has shown laudable variation in all the scenes of Pandiya Nadu. 

Lakshmi Menon has given her best performance till date and appears to have improved her skills expression wise. Known for his direction ability, Bharatiraja has also proved his talent in action. He has delivered a first-rate performance as old father who lost his son. Sharath Lohitashwa as a baddie and illegal quarry owner has done a good job. Though a cameo, Vikranth has given a promising performance.

Technical Analysis: Suseenthiran’s direction and screenplay are engaging, he has put plot by plot in a picky way and kudos to his casting where he choose all the characters with care. D. Imman has once again proved he is phenomenal composer with Paandianadu. 

Though Imman’s music doesn’t match Madurai fashion of scores, they gel well with the narration style. Madhi’s cinematography is outstanding in the climax portions and the way he has captured Madurai are good-looking. Anal Arasu’s stunt choreography is powerful and Vishal stands out with his emotional cum fiery look in the action sequences. Anthony’s editing is good. 

Analysis: Vishal’s maiden production venture Paandiyanadu is sure to leave an impact on audiences and is a real Diwali feast to his fans who are waiting for a commercial hit from quite a while. 

Suseenthiran’s Pandianadu is a predictable revenge script with impressive performances by Vishal, Bharathiraja and Vikranth alongside typical Suseenthiran's style of screenplay and picturization. Pandianadu has feel-good romance in the first half followed by engaging second half and powerful climax. 

Suseenthiran has to be credited for his edge of the seat engaging screenplay and descent first half of Pandiyanadu, as the post-climax scenes are bit preachy.

Final Verdict: Complete entertainer; worth a watch …
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