Pizza 2: Villa Review

Movie: Pizza 2: Villa (U/A)
Cast: Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, S.J. Suryaah, Nassar 
Direction: Deepan Chakravarthi 
Producer: C.V. Kumar 
Banner: Thirukumaran Entertainment, Studio Green 
Music: Santhosh Narayanan 
Genre: Horror, Thriller 
Run Time: 103 Mins 
Release Date: 14 Nov 2013

Pizza directed by Karthik Subbaraj ushered in a trend in Tamil cinema wherein filmmakers with different approaches and treatment towards storytelling started receiving the necessary acclaim they deserved.

Movie franchise is a relatively new concept in Tamil cinema that seems to be catching up. Villa would not have probably had so much interest among the audience had it not been christened as aka Pizza 2. This huge advantage also comes along with unfair pressure due to obvious comparisons that are bound to be made with the original Pizza. This trendsetting movie has set a Pizza franchise and here comes debutant director Deepan’s Villa- Pizza 2. The makers have already made it clear that this one has nothing to do with the earlier film. How does this Villa fair as a standalone product?

Story A struggling writer Jebin, who is on the lookout for a publisher to back his debut novel, is going through the worst phase of his life. His father’s (Nasser) untimely death has not only made him lonely, but emotionally weak. 

Arthi, his girlfriend, tries her best to support him emotionally as well as mentally and helps him in his search to find a publisher. Meanwhile, Jebin learns about a villa his father has left behind through their family lawyer. Having faced rejection from numerous publishers, he is forced to self-publish his work, and therefore, plans on selling the villa for a hefty price.

 He goes to inspect the villa, but falls in love with it and eventually decides to stay there and work on his second novel. But Jebin’s life takes an ugly turn at the villa, which paves way to more unfortunate events. If you have ever wondered how could films possibly deceive us, then you ought to watch “Pizza 2: Villa”, which in no way is a sequel to “Pizza”.

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