Thagararu Movie Review

Film: Thagaraaru 
Starring: Arulnithi,Poorna,Jayaprakash 
Director: Ganesh Vinayak 
Producer: Dayanidhi Azhagiri 
Banner: Meeka 
Entertainment Music: Dharan

Cinediary exclusively presents Thagararu Movie Review. Arulnidhi and Poorna's Thagararu directed by Ganesh Vinayak release on December 6 in big scale in and around Tamil Nadu. 

Story: Saravanan [Arulnidhi] and his friends Senthil [Pawan], Pazhani [Tarun Shatriya] and Aarumugam [Murugadoss] are professional thieves, who are involved in a series of events taking place in Madurai that lead to lock horns with ill-famed men in Madurai. During one of the operation Saravanan is chased by policemen and he is supposed to save Meenakshi [Poorna], who met with an accident. As the film progresses, love blossoms between Saravanan and Meenakshi, which lead to the fights between four friends. Go watch Thagararu for the intervel bang and climax twist...

Performances: Arulnithi has come out of his comfort zone and tried to portray himself as action hero, but couldn't gel with the character. He could have used his height and stature perfectly and has to improve his dancing skills even. 

Poorna has done her parts well and she looked different in a never done before role. She could have given more to perform, as Thagararu sees many talking about Meenakshi all over. 

Pawan, Tarun Shatriya, Murugadoss and Jayaprakash thoroughly performed and well suited to their roles.

Technical Analysis: Debutant director Ganesh Vinayak's choice of revange drama in Madhurai backdrop is good. But all the difference is his not so gripping screenplay and narration style. Though he has given good interval block and climax they seemed forcible. 

Dharan composed Thagararu songs weren't pleasurably placed and looked speed-breakers in the first half. Praveen Sathya has given impressive background scores that has given life to few scenes. Dilraj's cinematography and TS Suresh editing are good, but couldn't help in film's success as the narration plays spoil sport.

Analysis: Though newbie Ganesh Vinayak opted a pull ahead script of close to native rivalries of Madhurai in similar backdrop, he failed it depicting the same with his rieviting direction. Especially, the unexpected climax twist is bitter. 

Director has to be lauded for his young technical team, who have well supported the film with their personal excellence. All the cast Arul, Poorna, JP, Pawan, Tarun Shatriya, Murugadoss have done their parts well. An unexpected twist in the climax. Arulnithi's acting superb...and energetic. Poorna in a different way she had never played a role like this before. Ganesh Vinayak hats off bro done a great job valthukal & BGM r gud.. all over A gud entertainer!!!

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