I Tamil Movie Review

Film: I
Starring: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi
Director: Shankar
Producer: Aascar Ravichandran
Banner: Aascar Films PVT,.LTD
Music: AR Rehman
Rating: 3/5

I Tamil Movie Review exclusively at cinediary.in . Vikram has joined his Anniyan director Shankar for the second time with I, read I review to know if the duo have achieved on more box-office success with good talk.


‘I’ is the story of a hunchback and a machoman. Bodybuilder Lingesan’s [Vikram] aim is to become Mr. India, being the son of a Gym owner. Lingesan works hard and completely concentrates on his goal till he falls head over heals for Diya [Amy Jackson], a renowned advertizing model who comes back to home town after a long time. Twist in the tale is when Diya urges Lingesan to be her partner in a commercial that is to be shot in China and he accepts it leaving behind his dream. Further, Diya lies to Lingesan that she is in love with him, only to keep up her opportunities. Later a Juice product owner approaches Lingesan to advertise his goods, but Lingesan denies the offer stating it is unhealthy and reveals the same in a public interview. What happens next is the climax of ‘I’ Movie.

Watch I in theaters to know what the story behind hunchback Vikram, Lingesan and beast…


Vikram proves why he is different from other actors and why he is the only choice for ‘I’. Never before or never after an Indian artist could be imagined to portray such different roles in one movie with in span of time.

Amy Jackson is an absolute treat on screen. She’s gorgeous and glamorous within her portions. Her expressions and dance moves have equally complemented Vikram, their chemistry is worth mentioning.

Among others, Santhanam has done a commendable job and the four villains have given noteworthy performances in their respective roles.

Technical Analysis:

Shankar’s I movie will be definitely remembered for ages, thanks to his taking and scenic visuals. Besides, pretty romantic episodes ‘I’ switches to stunning hunchback timelines, which is hardly acceptable, yet gels with storyline.

‘I’ has the most predictable screenplay with jaw dropping VFX works and the perfect Tamil dialogues exchange between non-Tamil speakers.

AR Rahman’s music is absolutely mediocre in romantic portions. Songs are well shot as in all Shankar’s films. With cinematographer PC Sreeram on board, ‘I’ is visually riveting.

Anal Arasu’s stunts are nail-biting. Aascar Ravichandran needs a special mention for making such extravaganza and believing his team.


I is totally a Vikram picture through Shankar’s eye [I]. They are to be appreciated for their work and efforts and mostly the trust they have for one another.

First half of Vikram’s I is a lyrical treat with Lingesan, Diya and their love story, while the counterpart seem just disclosure.

On the whole, I is a treat to Chiyaan fans and an example of excellence in parts.

Final Verdict: Gracious Romance with enough spoilers…

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