Film Dancers’ Union Heading for a Split?

Adding fuel to the fire of problems that the film industry is facing with the ongoing tussle between the FEFSI union and the Producers' Council the Film dancers union has come up with their own issues hitting the industry with another big blow!

  Recently, the choreographer Raguram convened a meeting of the all the choreographer members of the union and came out with an idea of creating choreographers own union diving the present Film Dancers' Association.

"Having a single union for both dance masters and dancers have not solved many of the problems of dance masters and that is the reason we have come up with this," says Raghuram.

 However, the dance masters who grouped behind Raghuram did not get much of the support from their own colleagues in the union. And, even the union office premises were kept closed by the office bearers not allowing the dissident group to use the place for conducting the meeting.

 It is said that some of the veteran film personalities are holding talks with the dissident group and the office bearers to resolve the issue at the initial stage itself.

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