Trisha is still a Rajinikanth fan

For the Kollywood buffs, she’s the quintessential diva. Trisha has been the one Tamil ponnu who has sizzled over the past decade in tinsel town and is still as sought after. The actress shares her love for the Kollywood and Tamil as she gets candid this Chittirai Varsha Pirappu. 

Early Kollywood connect
When I was growing up, I wasn’t as exposed to Kollywood. In fact, my school didn’t allow us to take part in acting or modelling assignments. I got to come in contact with the people in the industry only when I began modelling. So, during my school days, films for me meant just three people – Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam. I was allowed to watch just their films. I do have memories of going for first-day-first-shows. It is such a lovely dream to be part of an industry where they are present.

Rajini mania
While I used to make time to watch Rajini films first back then, today I am part of the privileged few from the industry who gets to watch it before the release. Yet, I feel the same kind of excitement and fan frenzy when I see him and I brag about this with my friends. I think this is because Chennai is Rajinikanth in many ways. People across the world know him and they know Chennai because he resides there. I meet people who may hardly know about India but know Rajinikanth.

Idol worship
Tamil Nadu is synonymous with Kollywood and people love their film stars. But, it isn’t like the way the people in Andhra Pradesh worship their heroes. While the fans go for their stars’ films, the Tamil film audience also accepts new filmmakers and actors. They go by stories and scripts. This is something that sets this industry apart from the rest.

Looking ahead…
The New Year will see me have two releases in Tamil and one in Telugu. In Tamil, I haveSamaran with Vishal, for which I have 30 days of shoot left. In May, I should begin work on my next film Endrendrum Punngai with Jiiva. I also have Dammu that’s ready for release.

Puthandu Nalvazhthukkal
Trisha joins us in wishing its readers a happy Tamil New Year. “I have been an avid reader of the Mumbai and Hyderabad editions, much before the Times group launched in Chennai and Coimbatore,” she says, “Obviously, I was thrilled when the newspaper came to Tamil Nadu. It’s the first newspaper I pick up in the morning. I love the supplements and the Kollywood specialsin the paper.”

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