Ajay Devgn plays a wrestler in Rohit Shetty’s next

Mumbai: Ajay Devgn is taking his role of a wrestler in his upcoming action comedy a bit too seriously. The star has been displaying his physical strength to unit folks which has earned him a new nickname — the Hulk! He even lifted a 50 kilos weight as a display of strength.
Ajay Devgn, who plays a wrestler in his upcoming action comedy, is being called the Hulk.
Devgn’s character of pehalwan Prithviraj Raghuvanshi is in Rohit Shetty’s film. During its ongoing shoot schedule in Wai, near Panchgani, the actor shocked the unit by lifting a traditional akhada equipment for a particular scene.
Known as the ballam, it weighs around 50 kilos and is used by pehalwans in desi akhadas as part of their training and workouts.
Says a source, “A particular action scene required Ajay Devgn to lift the 50 kilo ballam like the pehalwans do. The director had kept a lighter one on hand, which weighed much less than the original for the shot. However, he insisted on using the real ballam as he wanted the shot to look perfect.
Due to his fit physique, he managed to lift it and pulled the shot off. Ever since, unit folks have been referring him as the hulk.” Fitness trainer Prashant Sawant under whom Devgn has been working out is accompanying the actor for the shoot.
Adds the source, “He is keen to look all beefed up on screen for the film and has been gymming both mornings and evenings. Even just before giving the shots, he works out to look all bulked up on the screen. He has been taking the hulk title seriously. He is strictly avoiding the intake of carbohydrates during the shoot schedule.”
His spokesperson says, “As Ajay Devgn is playing a wrestler in the film he is living up to his strong, tough character.” During his last action film Singham, the star was referred to as lion as his character Bajirao Singham growled and roared on the screen. B-Town’s other bodybuilding enthusiast Salman Khan had stated on his microblogging site at the time, “Oye teri ! Baap re baap. Superb Ajay’s body is looking. Too good… Bajirao Singham ne kya body banieeeeee. Kamaal karte ho yaar Devgn.”
Wonder what Sallu has to say to his Hulk look now?

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