Gabbar Singh's director on Success Kick

Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh's director Harish Shankar, who made his Tollywood debut with Raviteja's 'Shock' has tasted a success with Mirapakaya last year and now enjoying a block buster with Gabbar Singh. Harish shankar is on cloud nine now as the film and his directorial talent have been receiving superb acclaim. 

Gabbar Singh got glowing reviews and everyone is particularly praising Harish’s intelligence in the presentation of film. Harish got a solid hit to confirm his permanent berth in Tollywood as a writer cum director. He expressed his joy in a social net work web site like 'Unbelievable, Magical, I dnt knw what to say..GS Collections are Redefining Records...Hats off to Power Star!!!!! '

And here are the few compliments Harish got from Tollywood celebrities after Gabbar Singh Release.... 

Puri Jagannadh: "Love You Harish.... Kummi avathlala Padesaav"....

kona venkat @konavenkat99: Failure ni tattukodaniki ORPU kavali, Success ni tattukodaniki NERPU kavali .. E rendu @harish2you ki baaga unnai..

Ram Gopal Varma @RGVzoomin: I am electrifyingly thrilled that the shock director @harish2youshocked the audience with Gabbar singh

kona venkat @konavenkat99: 10 yrs nundi nenu chudalanukunna pawan Kalyan ni intha kalaniki Gabbar Singh dwara chupinchinanduku ma Harish ki Ganesh ki thanks a lottt..

Arey ooo Sambaa raasuko ra.. 10years back"KUSHI"quarter bottle ite Epudu"GABBARSINGH" full bottle.. enti ela vacchesthunai:-) 

VV Vinayak: yendakalam vedi modalu pettinchina pawan kalyan, harish shanker

Srinu Vytla: power star power ni purthigaa vaadukunna power ful director harish shanker 

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