Priyanka Chopra Revealed New Khan Connection

Priyanka Chopra is considered as one of the most loved actresses in the B-Town. But, many of us, have been least informed about PC’s secret ‘Khan’ connection. Well guys, donot let your imaginations fly too high since, this time, we are definately not talking about Shahrukh Khan.
Reports say that Priyanka is a very good friend of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan. Earlier, Salman and Priyanka shared a strained relationship due to a film. But, later the duo made up and became friends again. Sources also confirm that Salman and Priyanka were extremely cordial to each other at the IPL opening night ceremony in Chennai in April this year.
A leading daily reports that Arpita and PC were seen bonding really well with each other at KJo’s birthday bash. It is also believed that, it was due to the actress’s friendship with the Arpita, that she finally made her way back to the Khan camp.
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