Aamir Khan questions Khap Panchayat

Mumbai: Even as controversies loom over Aamir Khan’s debut TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, the actor has been pulling off stunners week after week! The fifth episode of the show threw light on dishonour killing, an insane practice followed by certain sections of the Indian society.
The episode began with a couple who had an inter-religious marriage. The two have been running for their lives from pillar to post ever since they got married. As the pained duo spoke about the trauma they have to deal with for marrying against their parents’ wishes, hundreds who had turned up on the sets shed tears showing their empathy for the troubled couple.
What followed was truly numbing. A mother narrated the story of her dead son, who lost his life fighting to win his duly wed wife from his in-laws. And then the show unfolded Manoj and Babli’s tragic love story. They were killed for marrying within the same gotra. Babli’s father and brothers sent death threats to Manoj’s family and ostracized them from the community for filing an FIR.
Manoj’s sister and mother have been fighting all odds to seek justice for the innocent couple that lost its life for getting married.
The show also hosted a few representatives of the Khap Panchayat who believe that the rules their forefathers have laid down must be followed at any cost. Aamir confronted members of the Panchayat and asked if the laws set by them was bigger that the law set by the Indian Constitution.
The Khap Panchayat even held the media responsible for misleading the public by falsely accusing them of turning unjust and tyrant while meting out justice.
‘Satyamev Jayate’ also informed people about ‘Love Commandos’, an organization that works as a remedy for troubled couples. The organization believes in the notion that “Pyaar karna paap nahi hai aur virodhi hamara baap nahi hai” and extending support to people in love.
Aamir ended the show by requesting both the parents and children to respect each other’s decision and make the most of life.
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