Shankar-Vikram's 'Ai' still on budget issue

As per the production house sources close to the movie Ai, Shankar has spent almost Rs.60 Crores till date for shooting and Computer Graphics related post-production work. 

Cinediary reported the budget issues of 'Ai' few months back. With 30 to 40 more days of shooting remaining and lots of post production yet to be done, Aascar has tightened the belt so much that the movie has come to a standstill except for some minor Computer Graphics work still chugging along. 

On inquiring the "Ai" team members, the situation appears to be grim with bank cheques issued to many of the technicians not getting cleared. Another shocking information is that the "Ai" team has not received the canned footage of the song sequence featuring Vikram and Amy Jackson shot in China last year. 

The film footage has been locked up by the Chinese film processing studio for almost a year due to some settlement disputes with the Producer. The most optimistic release estimate is that "Ai" could release by summer of 2014 even if Shankar wraps up the shooting by end of this year, says the unit members. Due to all these stalemates, the person most impacted is Vikram who has shed a lot of weight and waiting for the shooting to complete so he can regain his pounds before moving on to his next projects.
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