Kalyana Samayal Saadham Movie Review

Film: Kalyana Samayal Saadham 
Starring: Prasanna,Lekha Washington 
Director: RS Prasanna 
Producer: Arun Vaidyanathan,Ananth Govindan 
Banner: Thirukumaran Entertainment 
Music: Arrora

Cinediary is back with Kalyana Samayal Saadham Movie Review. Released on 6th December, KSS is a romantic comedy that revolves about Tamil marriage customs and rituals.

Story: Kalyana Samayal Saaadham, as the title suggests starts with the alliance of Meera Chandrasekaran (Lekha Washington), a girl of mariageable age and Raghu Vishwanathan (Prasanna), a guy with ill grandparent, who get engaged in an arranged Brahmin family marriage. Relating to the present trend, our woud-be couple start dating eachother to findout the reasons to fall for one another and feels couldn't make it to future, as Raghu's inability to perform on bed comes to picture. How will Raghu get through the problem and marry Meera? Forms the crux of Kalyana Samayal Saadham.

Performances: Prasanna has lived up to his role as Raghu Vishwanathan and kudos to the star as not many heros will accept such scripts. His expressions and timing in handling such inarguably delicate situations are paisa vasool. Lekha Washington has excelled with her performance and is apt for the role. She looked pretty in suitable costume, which is worth mentioning. Other cast in KSS namely Delhi Ganesh, Uma Padmanaban, Crazy Mohan have done their parts well.

Technical Analysis: RS Prasanna has to be tapped for dealing a sensitive subject with right humor, which hit the chord of present youth. Though his narration appears dragging in places, he bounced ack with interesting screenplay so as the dialogues. Arrora's hummable songs were also perfectly filmed and his background scores made audiences gel with the film. Krishnan Vasanth's cinematography is grand and rich in every frame, which is one more highlight of Kalyana Samayal Saadham. Sathyraj Natrajan's editing is good, though it appears dragging here and there.

Analysis: Debutant director RS Prasanna must be appreciated for not stereotyping Brahmin families, as we usually get to see. Kalyanan Samayal Saadham is an appreciatve debut to director Prasanna and composer Arrora and a phenominal comeback to Prasanna and Lekha Washington. Though overal film is good and humorous with not so serious dialogue exchange, first half tickles more with family audiences than second half.

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