Vidiyum Munn Movie Review

Film: Vidiyum Munn 
Starring: Vinod Kishan,Pooja,Lakshmi Ramakrishnan 
Director: Balaji K. Kumar 
Producer: Javed Khayum 
Banner: Khayum Studios 
Music: Girish Gopalakrishnan

Films on child trafficking usually throw at us startling facts and numbers in an attempt to emotionally hijack us but debutant Balaji K Kumar's "Vidiyum Munn" avoids all such genre cliches and sticks to presenting a well executed thriller that intrigues with suspense from start to finish.

Story: Vidyum Munn is about Rekha [Pooja Uma Shankar], a hooker who flees town with 12-year-old Nandini [Malavika] after committing the biggest mistake of her life, as her pimp [Amarendran] is given the ultimatum to produce her along with the girl in the next 24 hours to avert a threat to his own life.

Pooja Umashankar in her comeback role is good but she easily gets superseded by child artist Malavika, who acts effortlessly as the runaway kid. 

John Vijay gets a little irksome at regular intervals especially with his style of dialogue delivery but he also provides the occasional laughs with his witty one-liners.

Vinoth Kishan plays a powerful baddie with very few dialogues.

Technical Analysis: Having worked in Hollywood for over a decade, Balaji, who had earlier directed English thriller "Nine Lives of Mara", gives the film a treatment that's akin to the west in terms of the overall presentation. Slow narration may be one of the concerns of the film, as it runs a little over two hours. 

The film could've been shorter, considering its genre and the not-so-popular star cast. Thanks to the hypnotic soundtrack of Girishh, the music keeps you hooked for the most part. His music not only heightens the suspense in the story but also serves in building the mood of the film.

Analysis: Vidyum Munn is not usual thriller flick that you watch and forget as you walk out of the movie hall, rather it lingers on in your head for a long time. Cut from the same cloth used to produce thrillers such as "Pizza" and "Yuddham Sei", it's the suspense that guides the film to the finish line. That suspense, with the help of a few characters, is strongly weaved into a labyrinthine story that you will only appreciate when it reaches its climax.

Although inspired from British thriller "London to Brighton", Balaji smartly focuses only on the plot instead of wasting time on explaining circumstances that led Rekha to become a prostitute.

This proves he knows how to use his craft effectively. He also avoids too many characters and throws the spotlight on only those that are linked to Rekha and Nandini. Vidiyum Munn is not a frame-to-frame copy of original, but those who have watched the British thriller can find few similarities in the remake. 

Nevertheless, it's a bold film that doesn't hesitate to tread a path very few filmmakers even aspire to walk on. Vidiyum Munn is a step closer to alternate Tamil cinema which majorly caters to those with some intellect and not to entertainment seekers.

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