Hansika joins Simbu-Nayanthara for Pandiraj's 'Idhu Namma Aalu'

Pandiraj’s upcoming film starring Simbu and Nayantara in the lead has been tentatively titled as Idhu Namma Aalu, the title of a K. Bhagyaraj’s super-duper hit film which released in the late eighties. Pandiraj sprung a huge casting coup by bringing together the hot pair of Simbu and Nayantara who haven’t been speaking to each other for the past many years ever since their love affair was called off. 

The promotional stills of the film depict Simbu and Nayantara reinventing their sizzling chemistry which was witnessed during their Vallavan days. It is now reported that Pandiraj is in need of another heroine in the film’s script and for this, he is said to be trying to rope in Hansika, the real-life ladylove of Simbu. 

Not always a hero gets to romance his ex and present women in the same film! As per the script, Simbu falls in love with a girl but the love affair fails and Simbu decides that he’s had enough and decides against getting married (signs of ‘real-story’ are unmistakable, isn’t it?). 

He is then forced by his parents to get married to a girl (Nayantara) chosen by them. Hunt is on for a heroine to play the girl who ‘ditches’ Simbu in the film. Pandiraj is said to be convinced that Hansika would fit the bill. Distributors, who have been eyeing the film ever since the Simbu-Nayantara pairing was announced, have reportedly told Pandiraj that they would pay more for the film if he managed to rope in Hansika for the other heroine’s role. 

Following this, Pandiraj is discussing the possibility of having her onboard this project but Hansika has not given her go ahead till now state sources. In case she agrees, it would be a major casting coup pulled off by Pandiraj and Simbu!
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