Cuckoo Movie Review

Film: Cuckoo
Starring: Dinesh, Malavika Nair
Director: Raja Murugan
Producer: S. Shanmugam
Banner: Fox Star Studios
Music: Santhosh Narayanan

cinediary is back with the Cuckoo Movie Review. Releasing on 21st of March, Cukoo deals with the life of two visually challenged youngsters.


Cuckoo starts with Raja Murugan’s own narration where he explains how he turned an assistant director from being a journalist. Meanwhile, he happens to see a missing poster of Tamizh [Attakathi Dinesh], whom he earlier interviewed along with his love Suthanthirakodi [Malavika Nair]. Now the director unfolds the actual story in flashback mode. One fine day Thamizh and Sudhanthirakodi happened to meet and become friends because of similar persona. But things take a negative shape when Thamizh fall in love with Sudhanthirakodi and she accepts his proposal. How did they solve the problem? Did they unite? Why was Thamizh missing? Watch Cuckoo for the climax...


Attakathi Dinesh has stand out with his Performance and has given his best till date. It is highly tough to act in a visually challenged role being a normal man and Dinesh has surpassed with his acting skills.

Debutante Malavika Nair has given a promising performance. She is simply superb and will go great guns in the Tamil cinema.

Elango has delivered brilliant performance as Dinesh friend, which others have done their parts well.

Technical Analysis:

Columnist turned director Raja Murugan gets loads of laurels for his untouched story and neat narration without sympathizing visually challenging people. Selection of the cast is apt, they have given flawless performances.

Santosh Narayanan's Music plays one of the important roles in Cuckoo. Songs are already chartbusters and well presented on-screen. With some surprises for viewers, BGM stands out, composer has elevated the scenes especially in the last thirty minutes.

Cameraman PK Varma has done a fantastic job, some minute detailing in few scenes and songs are well captured. Editing by Shanmugam Velusamy could have been crisper, as the first half appears to be dragging.


Though this is first directorial of Raja Murugan, he has come up with graceful narration and perfect dialogues, which keeps hold of your attention but screenplay is slow. Director seems to have read the hearts of visually challenging people, as film goes with the theme 'Eyes may be blind but not heart'.

Performances and songs are the highlights of the movie. Compared to the first half second half of Cuckoo is entertaining but climax is bit melodramatic. Though it never appears to be boring first half could have been trimmed for over reacting performances.

Final Verdict: Cuckoo is a beautiful love story with well executed humor and emotions [Worth watching]...
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