Ajith in his unique way

Total movie world revolves around marketing and promoting but here is a man who simply says no to that way.
Someone who is pioneer in self promoting that will garner worship from his frenzy fans and revolutionize his film promotion.
The name is Ajithkumar.
Even though he refuses to attend any activities for his self beneficiary through promotions or attending audio functions, he don't lag behind any Hollywood or Bollywood star in marketing, only difference is he have his own style of marketing.
Ajith fondly called as Thala by their fans always have a unique way which stands out from the rest, Be it his self made career which was sown with SP Balasubramaniam recommendation or his racing career in which he was a proud participant.
He has refused to come to audio launch or any promotional activities for a film.Reason he believes is a good movie doesn't need a promotion or audio launch which are customary in showbiz.Question may be raised why eventhough being in a showbiz which needs promotional activities he refuses to do so.There comes his unique way of refusing it citing the reason that he will not ask anyone to watch his movies.Brave isn't it?Even the producers who paying him fair amount of salary can't force him,that's Thala Ajith for you.
And recent revealings from a reputed news paper says that Thala Ajith do have a unique way of promotion or marketing whatsoever you call.The news says that he pay a lump sum amount to tweeples having more following who do praises him in Twitter.Not only that he too meets them to encourage them to boast about him.No one complain now that Thala Ajith don't turn up for the promotional activities. Call it as any marketing but Thala does proves that in this too he is  unique.

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